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Our online courses stand apart. They are NOT recorded webinars. They're meticulously crafted modules that meet the rigorous standards of higher online education.

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We pride ourselves on offering a curriculum that leads the industry in both quality and comprehensiveness. We believe in a foundational principle: proper education precedes effective training.

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Say goodbye to mimicry-training drills. Our courses are rooted in real-life tasks, ensuring you gain only the essential knowledge to source and recruit with efficiency and satisfaction.
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Sourcing & Recruiting Training

Intro to Sourcing and Recruiting

Whether you aim to be a sourcer, recruiter, or recruiting leader, this course provides the base toolkit to set yourself up for success. You'll gain clarity on the recruitment landscape so you can determine the best career path. Start from the ground up with proven fundamentals.

Sourcing & Recruiting Diploma

Learn the fundamentals of Talent Sourcing and Recruiting from beginning to end. Focusing on problem solving skills, this program is designed around real-life tasks and scenarios aiming to enhance and enrich comprehension of all the aspects of Recruiting and Sourcing. 
Founded by
Shally Steckerl is the Founder and President of TSI, has successfully served the recruitment industry for over twenty years and is credited as one of the pioneers of the talent sourcing discipline. He is the author of both "The Sourcing Method" and the industry standard textbook "The Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Handbook."
Our Story

About The Sourcing Institute

Pioneering Talent Discovery

It began with a desire to uncover the secrets of finding the unfindable using the latest in sourcing technology. This drive led to the creation of The Sourcing Institute (TSI), the first ever online school dedicated to talent sourcing and recruiting, which has grown to become the fountainhead of knowledge for successful sourcers, recruiters, and talent acquisition leaders.

Over Two Decades of Excellence Transforming Talent Acquisition

In 1996, we founded the Talent Sourcing category and have been creating Sustainable Talent Advantages for recruitment organizations and individuals ever since. We have implemented highly successful Enterprise Solutions for many Fortune 100 Companies, and the majority of our graduates get promoted or increase billings within 6 months. TSI offers the only comprehensive diagnostic, design, & delivery developmental and advisory program in the industry, fully customized to focus only on knowledge and skill gaps, saving time and money.

Tangible Results and Productivity Boosts

Our recruitment curriculum is delivered via university-style online modules, instructor-led virtual workshops, and in-person onsite. Our solutions will produce an increase of a minimum 30% in overall productivity. When all of the recommended methods are deployed, many have been able to gain an increase in efficiency of 200% and higher within the first year after completing the program, with momentum extending that growth additionally over the second and third years.

Boost in efficiency and productivity
within the first year

TSI's Commitment

TSI employs an intimate, hands-on, and extraordinarily thorough approach, and leaves no stone unturned. We are the most experienced and affordable solution in the market.
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What our learners have to say

Shally provided specific training for our Talent team. This was the best 3-day training seminar I have ever received. His in-depth knowledge and workarounds for all the recruiting/ network/ search engines was unbelievable. He also continues to provide support for the "Hard to Find" people in the market.

Shally trained our National Recruiting team and it was the most relevant, on point training I have ever had. He was funny and could relate to our daily challenges.

Shally is AMAZING! I truly value his expert insight, knowledge and navigation of sourcing the web. I personally have taken his courses and it has improved success in my work that I do everyday! He is a true master, extremely smart and resourceful in uncovering multiple ways at finding talent! If you are looking to take your Sourcing to the next level Shally is the Ultimate and one to learn from!

Dan Harris

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