Learn to conduct ethical and compliant searches to expand the inclusion of diversity into your candidate slate. Recall advanced search techniques for sourcing diverse talent using search engines and online websites. Discover what the top sources and methods are for diversity searching. Use natural phrases in your searches that would be used by people of that ethnic background.
Proactive diversity sourcing must be trackable, fair and inclusive to maintain compliance.
Search schools that specialize in diverse students. Look for females by first names. Conduct searches for people in the military and learn about the different types of officers. Familiarize yourself with what questions you should avoid when talking with military personnel.

Diversity, Advanced Sourcing

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  • Level: Advanced
  • Study Time: TBD
  • Credits: 3
Meet the instructor

Shally Steckerl

Shally Steckerl is the Founder and President of TSI, has successfully served the recruitment industry for over twenty years, and is credited as one of the pioneers of the talent sourcing discipline. His thought-provoking presentations are in high demand at HR and Recruiting conferences worldwide. He is the originator of the Sourcecon Sourcing Lab and has delivered some of the most highly regarded keynotes and general sessions at Sourcecon, lead sessions at many State and Regional SHRM conferences, the Asian Talent Conference in Australia and Singapore, and hundreds of others. Shally has served as a Corporate Sourcing Leader at many highly successful organizations such as Cisco, Coke, Google, and Microsoft, was Adjunct Faculty at two well respected academic institutions, taught the first ever full-credit academic capstone course 100% on recruitment, and is the most connected recruiter on LinkedIn since 2004. Currently Mr. Steckerl serves as Vice President of Talent Strategy and Sourcing Innovation at Newton Talent.
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Shally led several members of our team through a well thought out presentation regarding using the Internet to source candidates. He has proven methods that are easy to understand and put into practice and have already provided us with results.
Joseph Hart
Although Shally is what you could call an "old timer" in this business because he's been doing it so long, he certainly brings to the table "ahead of the game" thinking/tactics and leaves his clients with a "why did it take us so long to do this?" feeling. His training and strategy consulting services are highly recommended.
Sean Rehder