Managing Information Overload

Learn how to effectively track and refine your activity to optimize time management and bottom-line outcomes. Master the fundamentals of evaluating sources of information; manage Outlook and other email programs to increase productivity.
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Managing Information


  • Be able to evaluate sources of information so you can decide which sources to keep and which to eliminate
  • Be able to sort, manage, and prioritize Outlook and other email inbox programs to increase productivity
  • Recall basic speed reading techniques that enable you to absorb more information in less time
  • Apply the three-folder inbox method. Employ the Do It, Delegate It, or Delete It inbox triage method.
  • Know how to evaluate if a new tool, website, or service is worth exploring

Course Lessons

Meet your instructor

Shally Steckerl

Shally Steckerl, President of The Sourcing Institute (TSI), is a renowned figure in the talent sourcing discipline with over 21 years of recruiting experience. He has worked with Fortune 500 brands like Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Cisco, and Motorola to efficiently source and find hard-to-reach talent. Shally has also advised over 300 organizations, including CH2M Hill, GE, Lockheed, and SourceRight, on improving sourcing team performance, integrating key sourcing initiatives, and establishing sourcing functions from scratch.
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