Through our diagnostic process, TSI’s four-step sourcing & recruiting roadmap can be customized to optimize recruitment effectiveness. To achieve the key objective we utilize our proprietary diagnostic gap analysis, including examination of social, technological, educational, environmental, political, and competitive factors.

A complete diagnostic also takes into consideration factors such as information, resources, policies and incentives as well as team dynamics including knowledge, skill, and capacity. Assessment of recruitment staff capabilities is done via the utilization of an online multiple-choice evaluation, along with a competency interview.

Information is gathered through conversations with key stakeholders. In addition to conversations with sourcing and recruitment leaders, other organizational representatives are selected who can relate the experiences of new hires, hiring managers, group leaders, executives, HR business partners, and candidates who declined offers. Included in this process are relevant document requests and surveys. Success of the diagnostic process depends on the information provided being sufficiently accurate and relevant.
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