Sourcing & Recruiting Evaluation

This invaluable tool is used to decide how best to invest in training. It pinpoints the exact areas where training is needed, eliminating time waste, reducing spend.

The Evaluation is designed to measure depth of knowledge and skill level in global sourcing and recruiting standards. You will discover any knowledge or skill gaps in the core principals required for performing at the peak of your abilities in this profession.
The evaluation is designed as a failure-based gap analysis to identify individual & group learning opportunities. It avoids inference on individual or team knowledge by measuring what sourcers and recruiters already know…and don’t know. The outcome is to design custom learning paths for individuals or groups of learners as identified by the knowledge gaps discovered.

The timed 45-minute online survey consists of 80 progressively more challenging questions. The minimum score is zero. The maximum possible score is 100 points. Attaining a score of 100 is nearly impossible. Do not make any attempt to interpret raw scores, we will interpret for you. Raw score reflects overall knowledge in all disciplines without consideration for particular area of specialty.
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Immediately identify your training needs. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Used to design a custom learning solution for individuals and teams. Learn where you’re strong. Learn where you have room for improvement. Get expert advice on the training and education that will give your team the skills to succeed.

TSI wants to get you on-track with effective sourcing and recruiting. Take the guesswork out – know what you need and why you need it.
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What our learners say

As a direct result of our Workshop with Shally, many of the team have demonstrated changes in their sourcing behaviors and have excitedly reported using the tips and techniques Shally shared with us. Thank you for a very instructional day. It made a difference.
Elaine Page
Shally took our staffing team to a much deeper level of skill in internet sourcing strategies. Their expertise and creativity in searching for candidates/leads is amazing. Shally's passion for this industry fully engages you into his training sessions.
Diana Roberge