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TSI's online courses are NOT recorded webinars. These self-paced modules adhere to higher education online standards. Each course begins with an introduction and clearly stated learning objectives followed by content slides that include interactivity, formative exercises, tools and resources, and knowledge checks all designed to enhance learning outcomes. Each content slide is narrated with studio quality audio. Most courses also include downloadable handouts. The courses range from 40-90 minutes in playback time, but considering the "extras" mentioned above, students can spend upwards of 2-4 hours per course with maximum effort.

The courses can be accessed on any device with Internet access. They have full navigational capabilities, and you can log off while taking the courses and upon logging back in students are given the option to resume where they left off, or start from the beginning. The courses can be segmented into custom learning programs for groups and delivered to the entire community of practice simultaneously, guaranteeing full participation, standardizing quality of service by getting everyone reading on the same page, and ensuring knowledge adoption through established adult-learning mechanisms such as formative exercises and remediated knowledge checks.

We Also Offer Certifications:
  • Diploma in Sourcing & Recruiting
  • Sourcing Certificate
  • Social Media Recruiting Certificate
  • Diversity Recruiting Certificate

These are multiple-course tracks within the stated disciplines.
All students have one year of unlimited access to the courses from date of enrollment. 
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Choose a Class by Topic:


  • Get an introduction to sourcing and recruiting
  • Interpret resumes with keyword maps
  • Learn how to manage the recruiting and sourcing desks
  • Master screening and interviewing prospective candidates
  • Find out about search engines
  • Discover the fundamentals of recruiting diversity


  • Search resume databases, job boards and your own Applicant Tracking System
  • Learn about search engine commands and syntax
  • Do advanced searching on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs
  • Discover deep Web searching
  • Find hidden talent and source for competitive recruitment intelligence


  • Engage passive prospects with effective emails
  • Reach out to candidates through social networks
  • Build rapport with persuasive communication styles
  • Learn cold calling techniques
  • Reach out to passive candidates through mobile devices
  • Source for information by telephone

Client Management

  • Present candidates in a way that sets them above others
  • Learn what hiring managers want
  • Discover how to work with difficult hiring managers
  • Find prospective clients at growing companies


  • Attract candidates by blogging and blog marketing
  • Design compelling job postings
  • Find out about advanced recruitment marketing on Facebook and Twitter
  • Attract the right talent on search engines
  • Develop online talent communities
  • Learn job posting best practices and metrics
  • Discover branding HR within your organization
  • Find out about search engine optimization


  • Learn the differences between the major social networks from a recruiting perspective
  • Discover advanced networking and branding on LinkedIn
  • Establish and promote your brand on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn


  • Optimize time management and bottom-line outcomes
  • Create custom-saved search shortcuts
  • Effectively navigate the blogosphere
  • Optimize your workday performance
  • Apply advanced sourcing tools and automation


  • Learn best practices and creative strategies for identifying talent transitioning out of the military
  • Learn about international recruitment fundamentals
  • Understand the keywords that identify candidates as diverse or international
  • Generate diverse leads from career sites and major job boards


  • Learn about compliance in sourcing and social media
  • Create a practical SWOT analysis of your recruiting process
  • Evaluate your recruitment organization from job creation and requisition approval, to hiring and onboarding
  • Gain competitive advantage by building an internal sourcing function
  • Finding, Selecting, Hiring, and Managing Sourcers



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What our learners say

Shally is definitely the guru in this area. [Compared to every source I've learned from,] the best training by far has been from his webinars. He is quite resourceful and insightful... I've used [others] as well, and while they offer some great resources, Shally has a much more effective way of delivering the goods.
Sara Fleischman
Shally is AMAZING! I truly value his expert insight, knowledge and navigation of sourcing the web. I personally have taken his courses and it has improved me and giving me success in my work that I do everyday! He is a true master and extremely smart and resourceful in uncovering multiple ways at finding talent! If you are looking to take your Sourcing to the next level Shally is the Ultimate and one to learn from!
Dan Harris