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What are the three most important questions leaders ask? 
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How can sourcing and recruiting save us time?

How can sourcing and recruiting make or save us money?

How can sourcing and recruiting remove organizational risk?

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If your recruiters don’t have time to source, then they’re not doing it right. If they’re not doing it right, they are wasting your money. If they’re wasting your money, then your competitors will have an advantage.

Our team has created a way to successfully embed key talent identification and engagement initiatives into your existing recruitment efforts. The innovative breakthrough in our method has been standardizing sustainable competitive advantages, which have allowed Global Fortune 100 companies to maintain leadership in their sector based solely on their talent.

The outcome of TSI’s leadership advisory services will be the identification of best practices that can be customized and implemented in order to optimize your recruitment goals. The objective is to design a roadmap merging established best practices with your team’s strengths and resources, empowering them to achieve sustainable competitive advantages, and ultimately aligning your recruitment function with leadership goals.

Main Objectives

Standardize the sourcing function and integrate it with recruitment

Improve recruitment responsiveness by increasing sourcing capability

Institutionalize proactive sourcing in response to talent market demands

Respond to globalization pressures placed on the availability of talent

Align the talent pipeline with strategic business requirements

Evaluate sourcing & recruiting workflow (procedures, practices and programs)

Recommend, select, and implement appropriate systems & resources

Identify underutilized resources

Change mindset and behaviors; enable shift from inbound dependent to talent advisor, talent identification

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our delivery model

We Assure that

Findings and recommendations are focused on opportunities for qualitative enhancement of business processes, shortening of cycle time, expense reallocation, and cost reduction
Implementation is systematic and has buy in from key stakeholders
Program designs are relevant and map to executable business processes that assure achievement of goals on time and within budget
Programs yield meaningful metrics that measure both the quality of results and their real financial benefits

We Do This in Four Phases

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