Introduction to Sourcing and Recruiting Part 2: Tactics

Master strategic recruiting frameworks and techniques to take your sourcing skills to the next level. Learn to optimize workflows, demonstrate value rapidly, and position yourself as an expert talent advisor.
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Take your sourcing strategies and results to the next level while boosting efficiency. 

You've got the basics down and are ready to elevate your sourcing expertise. This course picks up where Part 1 left off, providing the tactics and frameworks to help you master strategic recruiting.

Ideal for recruiters and talent acquisition specialists who want to sharpen their skills, you'll learn:

  • The step-by-step sourcing timeline and task dependencies so you can seamlessly manage the recruiting process from end-to-end
  • How to demonstrate immediate value and position yourself as a trusted advisor to hiring managers
  • Specific sourcing activities by channel - whether job boards, LinkedIn, or niche platforms - so you can optimize your efforts
  • Sourcing pod models for distributing responsibilities and workload across a coordinated recruiting team
  • Automation techniques to streamline daily administrative tasks and focus on high-value relationship building
  • Crafting SLAs, SOWs, and reports to align expectations and tracking core recruiting metrics
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Meet the instructor

Shally Steckerl

Shally Steckerl is the Founder and President of TSI, has successfully served the recruitment industry for over twenty years, and is credited as one of the pioneers of the talent sourcing discipline. His thought-provoking presentations are in high demand at HR and Recruiting conferences worldwide. He is the originator of the Sourcecon Sourcing Lab and has delivered some of the most highly regarded keynotes and general sessions at Sourcecon, lead sessions at many State and Regional SHRM conferences, the Asian Talent Conference in Australia and Singapore, and hundreds of others. Shally has served as a Corporate Sourcing Leader at many highly successful organizations such as Cisco, Coke, Google, and Microsoft, was Adjunct Faculty at two well respected academic institutions, taught the first ever full-credit academic capstone course 100% on recruitment, and is the most connected recruiter on LinkedIn since 2004. 
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Shally is passionate about teaching his searching methodologies via various search engines on the Internet. His presentation is fun and will yield quick results for anyone interested in hiring top talent. Thank you for sharing your vast amount of knowledge and enabling me to become a more valuable recruiter. 
Joe Perez
Shally led several members of our team through a well-thought out presentation regarding using the Internet to source candidates. He has proven methods that are easy to understand and put into practice and have already provided us with results.
Joseph Hart